DFW Water Experts are the Exclusive Brita® PRO Dealer in North Texas to offer their extensive line of professional filtration systems. We provide the North Texas area with superior quality water filtration & treatment products. Our licensed water treatment professionals are partnered with top engineers, with decades of commercial & residential water treatment experience. As water industry professionals, we assure our customers with the latest technology that has proven to provide high quality water, benefit our health, and long-lasting with the contaminants found in our water systems. DFW Water Experts provide a full line of professional filtration products for treating various water conditions.

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Do You Have Problem Water?

Brita® PRO Water Softeners and Filters can improve the quality and taste of your household water. Whether you have hard water or some other concern, we have the solution. Recommending a proper solution starts with a water analysis. These products are designed to handle your hard water problems. There are different systems for the specific needs that each home owner has.

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Brita® PRO

Our Whole Home Water Filtration Systems offer clean and healthy water from every faucet and shower head in the house. These systems have a small footprint and can even be buried in the yard. We also have financing as low as $0 down and $70/month with approved credit. 

Drinking Water Systems

Our point of use systems start at $799 including installation! These systems are perfect for the kitchen, providing a constant flow of the purest and healthy water. Reverse Osmosis is great for rinsing fruits, vegetables, and boiling water for cooking. Also, improves the taste of teas, coffees, soups.

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