We just moved into our new home in Frisco this month and had BP Lone Star install the Brita® PRO water softener system and reverse osmosis drinking water system (please see attached pictures). They did an excellent job and we can definitely feel the difference in the overall water quality and the improved taste of our drinking water. They are the exclusive Brita® PRO Dealer in North Texas, Angie’s List certified and 2018 Super Service Award winner.  I’ve included a couple of pictures as well.  Hope this is helpful. 
— Ronnie B. - Frisco, Tx

Ralph and Jake did a great job installing our water softener. Our area has hard water and it can cause problems with appliances and caused dry, itchy skin. It was impossible for me to keep the shower glass clean before the soft water system. Now every shower is like a spa experience.
— Traci A. - McLendon-Chisholm
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Jim, This is just a thumbs up for BP Lone Star and the BritaPro water softener. I called them last week and Ralf and Jake came out to test the waster. Jake was my primary contact after first calling and setting up testing. They came out yesterday and did the install. The time estimated was more than needed but was pleased with the whole experience. The reason I decided the need was my hot water tank about 2 1/2 years old from install date and flushed about every 9 months had lots of stuff in it last flush a few weeks back. The special he ran on your show was why we called them. They took the time to explain the system and what I need to keep up with (Salt) and anything more they should be called they also said the yearly service they need to come out and do as well as aprox cost as figured at current supplies cost. Was very pleased in the entire experience! Thank You Kurt Treusch P.S. I catch your show on weekends in the DFW market when I cad as a truckdriver I may not get the entire show but you seem to share good information as well as have good sponsors!!!
— Kurt Treusch
Brita® PRO Whole Home Filter & Softener

Brita® PRO Whole Home Filter & Softener

Ralph Densford, the owner, and his team, are very knowledgeable, licensed by TCEQ, and professional. Due to the “hard water” in our community water supply, a filtration system was highly recommended to conserve our appliances and plumbing fixtures. We also had a separate filter installed for drinking water. Would recommend them
— Mark M. - Dallas, Tx
Brita  ®   PRO Platinum Softener & Filter

Brita® PRO Platinum Softener & Filter

BP Loan Star installed our Reverse Osmosis (RO) system many years ago & they have done an excellent job maintaining it on an annual basis. Ralph Densford, Owner is awesome...the best in customer service & Jake Gorman is excellent. In addition to RO, BP Lone Star also updated our kitchen faucets enhancing our kitchen to be more practical and beautiful. Awesome customer service, excellent knowledge of RO system and overall great to work with...I highly recommend BP Lone Star.
— Ken J. - Frisco, Tx


If pure water is important to you - you need these guys.  They are very professional and knowledgeable.  I was tired of buying and transporting all my water from the store and I hated seeing all the plastic jugs I was using so I had BP Lone Star install a reverse osmosis filtration system in my house.  The purity of the water is amazing.  They come back annually and check the purity of my water and replace the necessary filters and I’m good for another year.
— Daniel C. - Dallas, Tx


OhZone Clinics

My wellness clinic requires ultra clean water on a daily basis’s and I was referred to Ralph and his company. I was extremely happy with the service and knowledge of his team and it was nothing but excellence! I would high recommend them for all of your clean water needs. I love this company for educating how important clean water is to our health! There prices are great and there service is superior! I will be referring then to all my clients and using them from here on out!
— Jennifer D. - OhZone Clinics


Great! The crew met with many obstacles, including very wet ground. They managed to lay pipe, connect plumbing, set up the Pelican system and install the reverse osmosis in one day. We love the great tasting water and the way our clothes feel.
— Karyl F. - Frisco, Tx


Jake and Ralph from BP Lone Star took great care of us! Our family has made weekly trips to a local water store in Garland for the last 15 years because we loved the taste of the filtered water. We finally decided to look into a home filtration system and we are so glad we did! The taste of the water is even better than what we had been purchasing and there is zero hassle with loading up bottles and hauling them to the the water store anymore. The quality of the water is truly amazing and Jake and Ralph went the extra mile to even repair a leak under my sink due to the faulty work from a prior contractor. The installation process was super quick and I also appreciated that Jake and Ralph weren’t pushy in their sales approach. I highly recommend this company!
— Candace M. - Garland, Tx


BP Lonestar installed water systems in my last two residences and continue to maintain the equipment twice annually. They are very knowledgeable, experienced and reasonable. I highly recommend BP Lonestar
— Paul B. - Dallas, Tx

I was having water concerns and I called these guys.  They were able to give me options on what I should do and I ended up having them install a filtration system for my home.  I truly appreciated the professionalism they showed.  Highly recommend!
— Jason L. - Murphy, Tx

“Lonestar has installed and maintains water systems in our home including: Water softener/filter, Hot Water dispenser, and water pressure booster. Everything went as planned and continues to work great!”

-Alan Mead

Unbelievable Education. These guys really know their business. When we suspected water quality issues, we had a couple of other companies come out to our home and test our water. We never bought anything because we weren’t sure what they were asking us to buy or which (if any) of our problems were actually fixed if we bought it… It was super confusing. BP Lone Star actually took the guess work out of all of it. They identified specifically what was in our water and knew exactly how to address each issue. I could immediately tell they knew what they were talking about and we bought a whole house filtration and softener system on the spot. It works perfectly. I know because they tested our water again AFTER they installed our system! Thanks for the education and thanks for being such professionals at your job!!!
— Brandon M. - Crowley, Tx