Clean Water At Your Fingertips


Our Point Of Use water filtration systems are a great way to make sure you have all the clean water you need for drinking, cooking, or washing dishes.

You'll love the way your truly clean water tastes!!

Improving your water quality is easy and economical. While bottled water remains a popular option for drinking water, it is an expensive, less convenient alternative that creates waste and is hard on the environment.

DFW Water Experts Water Filtration Products provide you with a wide range of solutions for fresh, clean water. Not only do you get great-tasting water for drinking and cooking, but you also get clear, odor-free water for washing and utility use. No more carrying or storing heavy bottles either!

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Prices Start At: $799

Our Point Of Use Systems are customized to each customers specific water needs.

Options include:


Under-sink units that provide super-heated water to up to 190° Fahrenheit directly to the faucet, reducing wasted water while waiting for it to warm to a desired temperature


Under-sink units that provide chilled water at 40° Fahrenheit directly to the faucet

Reverse Osmosis System:

An under-sink unit that contains a semi-permeable membrane filter that addresses numerous filtration needs including taste and odor. The membranes remove tiny particles as well as dissolved minerals from water

UV system:

Ultra violet light filter specifically designed to kill bacteria

Lead filtration:

Titanium canister cartridge that removes >95% of lead from water and still maintains a strong post filtration flow rate