Brita® PRO filter & softener

Do you struggle with soap scum? Scale buildup? Is your skin dry and itchy? Brita® PRO Softeners Can Save You Money! Our Platinum Softener records the water used in your home every day and builds a profile of the last 4 weeks.

Brita® PRO filters

Brita® PRO Whole Home Filters address water quality issues such as chlorine, chloramines, iron, sediment, acidity, taste, and odor. Contact your DFW Water Experts for more information today.

“My wellness clinic requires ultra clean water on a daily basis’s and I was referred to Ralph and his company. I was extremely happy with the service and knowledge of his team and it was nothing but excellence! I would highly recommend them for all of your clean water needs. I love this company for educating how important clean water is to our health! Their prices are great and their service is superior! I will be referring them to all my clients and using them from here on out!”
— Jennifer D.
Jake and Ralph from BP Lone Star took great care of us! Our family has made weekly trips to a local water store in Garland for the last 15 years because we loved the taste of the filtered water. We finally decided to look into a home filtration system and we are so glad we did! The taste of the water is even better than what we had been purchasing and there is zero hassle with loading up bottles and hauling them to the the water store anymore. The quality of the water is truly amazing and Jake and Ralph went the extra mile to even repair a leak under my sink due to the faulty work from a prior contractor. The installation process was super quick and I also appreciated that Jake and Ralph weren’t pushy in their sales approach. I highly recommend this company!
— Candace M.