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DFW Water Experts are the Exclusive Brita® PRO Dealer in North Texas to offer their extensive line of professional filtration systems. We provide the North Texas area with superior quality water filtration & treatment products. Our licensed water treatment professionals are partnered with top engineers, with decades of commercial & residential water treatment experience. As water industry professionals, we assure our customers with the latest technology that has proven to provide high-quality water, benefit our health, and long-lasting with the contaminants found in our water systems. DFW Water Experts offer a full line of professional filtration products for treating various water conditions.

Brita® PRO

Brita® PRO Whole Home Filters address water quality issues such as chlorine, chloramines, iron, sediment, acidity, taste, and odor. Our Whole Home Water Filtration Systems offer clean and healthy water from every faucet and shower head in the house. Contact your DFW Water Experts for more information today.

Ralph and Jake did a great job installing our water softener. Our area has hard water and it can cause problems with appliances and caused dry, itchy skin. It was impossible for me to keep the shower glass clean before the soft water system. Now every shower is like a spa experience.
— Traci A.

Drinking Water Systems

Our point of use systems start at $799 including installation! These systems are perfect for the kitchen, providing a constant flow of the purest and healthy water. Reverse Osmosis is excellent for rinsing fruits, vegetables, and boiling water for cooking. Also, it improves the taste of teas, coffees, soups.

Ralph Densford, the owner, and his team, are very knowledgeable, licensed by TCEQ, and professional. Due to the “hard water” in our community water supply, a filtration system was highly recommended to conserve our appliances and plumbing fixtures. We also had a separate filter installed for drinking water. Would recommend them.
— Mark M.
BP Loan Star installed our Reverse Osmosis (RO) system many years ago & they have done an excellent job maintaining it on an annual basis. Ralph Densford, Owner is awesome...the best in customer service & Jake Gorman is excellent. In addition to RO, BP Lone Star also updated our kitchen faucets enhancing our kitchen to be more practical and beautiful. Awesome customer service, excellent knowledge of RO system and overall great to work with...I highly recommend BP Lone Star.
— Ken J.
My wellness clinic requires ultra clean water on a daily basis’s and I was referred to Ralph and his company. I was extremely happy with the service and knowledge of his team and it was nothing but excellence! I would high recommend them for all of your clean water needs. I love this company for educating how important clean water is to our health! There prices are great and there service is superior! I will be referring then to all my clients and using them from here on out!
— Jennifer D.