Water Filtration

Ralph and Jake did a great job installing our water softener. Our area has hard water and it can cause problems with appliances and caused dry, itchy skin. It was impossible for me to keep the shower glass clean before the soft water system. Now every shower is like a spa experience.
— Traci A. - McLendon-Chisholm
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Jim, This is just a thumbs up for BP Lone Star and the BritaPro water softener. I called them last week and Ralf and Jake came out to test the waster. Jake was my primary contact after first calling and setting up testing. They came out yesterday and did the install. The time estimated was more than needed but was pleased with the whole experience. The reason I decided the need was my hot water tank about 2 1/2 years old from install date and flushed about every 9 months had lots of stuff in it last flush a few weeks back. The special he ran on your show was why we called them. They took the time to explain the system and what I need to keep up with (Salt) and anything more they should be called they also said the yearly service they need to come out and do as well as aprox cost as figured at current supplies cost. Was very pleased in the entire experience! Thank You Kurt Treusch P.S. I catch your show on weekends in the DFW market when I cad as a truckdriver I may not get the entire show but you seem to share good information as well as have good sponsors!!!
— Kurt Treusch
Brita® PRO Whole Home Filter & Softener

Brita® PRO Whole Home Filter & Softener