Water is the most versatile solvent known. Its polar nature acts to attract and hold charged particles and polar molecules. Thus materials that are separated and surrounded by water, are then held in the solution or dissolved by the water. Hard water results from high levels of calcium and magnesium in the water supply. While studies show drinking hard water doesn't pose a safety issue, it can present problems that can be frustrating and costly for homeowners. Most ground and surface waters have some amount of hardness. Some areas have extremely hard ground water. Majority of North Texas homeowners experience hard water, which builds up scale residue in your pipes and inside the heating element of your home. Hard water has been known to increase energy bills up to 25% because of reduced efficiency of hot water heaters. Also, it adds films, deposits, and spots on fixtures and glassware. Hard water makes for higher soap usage and soapy scum left behind in tubs and showers.

Pictured here is one of our Whole Home Water Filter & Softener Systems. The system pictured below tackles both hard water issues and most importantly reduces chemicals such as, chlorine/chloramines used to treat majority of our public water systems before reaching our homes. If you like a spot free rinse, softer clothes, and your household appliances to last longer. Look no further.

Talk to one of our experts now! Call (214) 970-0636 or send us an email at The system pictured below was installed by your DFW Water Experts at BP Lone Star with an insulated rock outside the house.

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