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Your DFW Water Experts at BP Lone Star provide the North Texas area with superior quality water filtration & treatment products. As water industry professionals, we assure our customers with the latest technology that has proven to provide high quality water, benefit our health, and long-lasting with the contaminants found in our water systems. Whether you are on municipal water or well water, get your water tested today. Bacteria are the smallest and most plentiful living organisms. When testing water supplies for disease-causing organisms, an indicator organism (a group of bacteria that is referred to as coliform bacteria) is used to check for bacteriological contamination. The coliform group of bacteria is detected by testing water samples and is used to measure the bacteriological contamination. At BP Lone Star we use National Testing Labs for bacterialogical testing. We are committed to providing the highest quality testing services available.

BP Lone Star is a full service company that are licensed by the state and insured. We provide the DFW area with a full line of professional filtration products for treating various water conditions.

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